Hello 2018

Hey guys, first of all, welcome to the new year! 🙂 I hope you all made it through the holiday season okay and are doing well. I wish you health and happiness for the year ahead. ❤ I myself didn't have the best start to the year, a few days in i ended up going... Continue Reading →

The things that have shaped me this year

Hey guys 🙂 Today i wanted to touch on 3 things that happened to me within months of one other earlier this year, so here we go! The first took place in May, we'll call it 'leaving someone's life.' By no means is this something that i wanted to do, it was one of the... Continue Reading →

A better week :)

Hey guys, In my last post i touched on the fact that i had hit a bit of a 'hard spot,' this does happen a lot to me. Although constant ups and downs are only natural for us all! .. I can say that i have had a better run or at least better moments... Continue Reading →

One of ‘those’ weeks

Hey guys, I meant to pop back on here earlier than this but have had a bit of rockier run this week. It started on Monday where i felt really anxious while participating in another online anxiety support group night. I had stresses going on in the lead up to the group time and was... Continue Reading →

A positive

Hey guys 🙂 As you may have seen, i mentioned in my last post that i had been pretty overwhelmed with my anxiety for a couple of weeks there. At times this does indicate for me that a change is in order. It can be very hard to make a proactive change in the middle... Continue Reading →

How I’m Doing, Really.

A lot of changes have happened for me in the past couple of years, the most recent one being that i had emergency surgery in July of this year. The situation would've come up no matter what, it was unavoidable but it still made me wake up to fact that i had to start looking... Continue Reading →

My Right Now

My life is nothing spectacular so much so that to an outsider looking in it might be perceived as 'nothing' or 'not good enough,' unsuccessful basically. This is when you look at it from what our society expects from us anyway. I don't work, i'm not even studying at the moment, i live at home,... Continue Reading →

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